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Character Profile: Jindara

For the sixth character profile, we're taking a closer look at Vice-Chief Jindara, who will play a bigger part in upcoming novel Beyond the Serpent Hills than she has previously. Screenshot is again from the Sims 3:

Vice-Chief Jindara

The eldest child of Chief Jindar, and next to inherit the Chief’s mantle, Jindara takes her responsibilities very seriously. She is practically-minded, and when confronted with problems she will seek advice from people with more knowledge or experience before planning out possible solutions. Like her father, she can be stubborn, but she is aware of this and tries to be more open to ideas.

Jindara often has difficulty seeing past immediate concerns, and she can become wrapped up in one trail of thought to the exclusion of other possibilities. Occasionally she will focus on what she would prefer to happen, instead of what is happening, and needs a small nudge from her husband to snap out of it. She is usually able to keep a clear head through times of stress by pushing her own thoughts and feelings aside, to be dealt with later in private.

She prefers talking to fighting, but if the need arises she is capable of leading in battle, directing tactically to minimise losses. Her siblings are a source of both annoyance and comfort to her, and although she often complains about their actions, she would always stand at their side if they needed her.


That's all for now, thanks for reading and come back soon for more!

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