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Kitty Lewis Author photo
About Me

  As a teenager, Kitty was a slightly awkward loner; she never quite got the whole ‘socialising’ thing and preferred to spend her time buried in a book, or daydreaming about her own fantasy worlds. As an adult, she’s still a loner who spends her time buried in books and fantasy worlds, but she’s less awkward about it. When she’s not reading or writing, she can usually be found in front of her computer playing video games. Fair warning, if the lights are out, she’s probably blasting something to bits, so don’t sneak up on her!

  Kitty loves cats, and if it was up to her, the house would be full of them. As it is, she only has one cat called Lucky, who is a former stray. He wanders in, meows for food, tolerates being brushed and cuddled, then wanders out again until the next day. She will probably acquire more cats when it is practical to do so, though none of them will ever replace Millie. She would also like to keep snakes at some point, when she figures out how to keep them and the cats safely away from each other.

  She is fairly self-deprecating when it comes to talking about things she’s good at, though she will admit to a certain amount of pride in her zombie-slaying skills. She has also been told by several people that her books and short stories are quite good, and you can read some of them here. Her first novel, The 13th Kat, is available to read online, and the Legends of the Lost Tribes series has been published by Beacon Publishing Group. You can order paperback copies via Amazon, or visit the ebook store for digital copies.

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