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Character Profile: Chief Jindar

For our next character study, we have the Chief of the People, Jindar. Here's another Sims screenshot for you:


The hereditary Chief of the United Tribes, Jindar is a strong and wilful leader. He tries to do what is best for the People, though he can be blinded by his own stubbornness at times. He rarely admits to making mistakes, preferring to simply brush them aside and get on with fixing whatever went wrong. This attitude has often caused friction between himself and his children, and led to a long estrangement from his eldest daughter Jindara.

Highly devout for most of his life, he spends most of his spare time in prayer or contemplation. When the priests of the old regime fell, Jindar was forced to reconsider his unquestioning faith. Though he still follows the temples' teachings, he is a little more cynical than before, and inclined to listen to other sources of information before making any decisions.

Jindar is a skilled archer, thanks to an early fascination with the bow, and even after training with swords as a young man he prefers the bow in hunting or combat. His military skills and strong leadership have earned him the respect of the People, even if his decrees are not always well liked, and he is widely considered the greatest modern leader of the tribes.


Thanks for reading! I'm thinking of doing Remlika, the sorceress, for the next profile. If you want someone different, let me know via Facebook or Twitter. Don't forget, The Colourless is still available at Fast Print, or you can now order it through any branch of Waterstones or Foyles.


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