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Character Profile: Xhih'a

Introducing a new character from the upcoming second Lost Tribes novel - the Li Buqu mage Xhih'a. I have done the best I could to make a lizard-ish person with the Sims 3, I couldn't be bothered to hunt around for mods just to make one character.


As a member of the serpentine Li Buqu race, Xhih’a is naturally ambitious and manipulative. She can be highly focused on her goals, and if necessary will use or dispose of others in order to achieve them. However, thanks to an unusual education, she is not inclined to take advantage of weaker individuals without good reason. She was taught the value of keeping one’s enemy list as short as possible; it means there are less people out for revenge when you reach the top.

She is naturally intelligent, and capable of taking a step back to look at things objectively and see the bigger picture. Unlike many of her race, Xhih’a is relatively open to new ideas; though much of that may stem from her life’s ambition to become the first female to hold the title of Piraj, the most powerful and respected mage in the lands.

Over her years of training in magic, she taught herself to control her impulses and instinctive mistrust of anything different. This meant that many of her fellow apprentices found her somewhat strange, and once she completed her basic schooling she chose a life of seclusion, in a village some distance from the bulk of the population. She continued her studies, always keeping her mind on her eventual goal, and when the humans arrive from the south, she finds that her route to the title may not be as difficult as she imagined...


Thanks for reading, the book will be out in just a couple of months. If you haven't read book 1 yet, you can still get it here or order it from any branch of Waterstones or Foyles. Just ask for The Colourless!


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