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Character Profile: Remlika

The long-awaited character profile of the sorceress Remlika has arrived! Here's a Sims 3 screenshot of the lady herself:


Focused and determined, Remlika has spent most of her life in the study of magic. Like her twin brother, the prodigious scholar, she showed her talents at an early age and has become a highly skilled mage through practice. There are few areas of magic she has difficulty with, though her preference is for illusions. Fire spells are her weakest point, and she can become frustrated with herself because of her lack of ability in the area.

Because of her single minded focus on her studies, Remlika has had little time to pursue friendships or other relationships outside of her infrequent contact with a handful of other mages, relying mainly on her brother for company. She is usually quite content with her lack of social interaction, as she finds large crowds overwhelming and sometimes has difficulty interpreting expressions. When separated from her brother for any great length of time, however, she feels quite lost and anxious, finding it hard to focus properly on anything.

She has very little patience for people she sees as whiny or overly pessimistic, and has been known to lose her temper rather spectacularly when confronted with someone who does nothing but complain about a situation. She also finds it hard to forgive people who have wronged her or her friends; her personal grudge-holding record is fourteen years, against a childhood crush who danced with another girl at a festival and still receives bewitched frogs in the post now and then.


Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will get around to the next one quicker! Look out for it, because I'll be revealing some teasers about a new character in Beyond the Serpent Hills...


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