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Character profile: Remlik

Hello again! Since several of you asked, I've done another character profile, this time for Remlik. Here's another Sims 3 screenshot, to give you an idea of his appearance:


An acclaimed child prodigy in his hometown of Bewein, Remlik is very intelligent, having spent most of his life studying one thing or another. However, he is not quite as clever when it comes to his interactions with other people; he can find it difficult to know what is appropriate in any given social situation, particularly if he is fond of the other person. Despite his occasional awkwardness, he can be quite protective of those he cares about.

He tries to be open minded and accepting, both of people and of new ideas. When in pursuit of knowledge and facts, Remlik can get quite adventurous and daring, sometimes opting to abandon the familiar and venture into strange, unknown places in order to find what he is looking for. He cannot stand to see ignorance running rampant, and will always try to educate those around him with any information at his disposal.

His love of learning and teaching means that he sometimes gets carried away with his explanations and theories, which can make him seem a bit of a bore at times. As his theories (previously denounced as blasphemous by the temples) become more widely accepted, he is even more determined to uncover the mysteries of the world and reveal things that have been hidden away, shrouded in legend or forgotten entirely.



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