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Book Release Approaching

Updated: Apr 13

My latest series, Tales of the Northern Kingdoms, is releasing on 31st March 2024. You can find them on Kobo by clicking here for The Shades (book 1) and here for Mages & Rebels (book 2). I also plan to get the Northern Kingdoms books onto Google Play once I can get that set up, so check back for updates on that.

Here are the final covers for the two books, courtesy of snaxk on tumblr:

This is the entire series, as after Mages & Rebels the plot ties in to the currently in progress Dragonmage series. I do plan on writing and releasing some shorts focused on things that don't quite fit into Dragonmage, which I will publish on Fictionpress as and when they're finished.

Now that I've finished with these, I'm going to be focusing more on the next series, which picks up Enkarini's story after the end of Wyld Magic. There's a sneak preview of the first book in the Dragonmage series, Dragon's Teeth, at the end of Mages & Rebels.

If you've made it this far, thanks for sticking with me through all the delays, slumps and long quiet patches. I hope these are worth the wait! If you've only just found me, welcome! You can find more info about these books, and my first series Legends of the Lost Tribes, on my main website here.

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