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New Year, New Look, New Series

Happy New Year everyone! I've spent the last few weeks doing a full overhaul of the website's look, which I think is a much cleaner design. I've also been working on some character profiles, which will be appearing throughout the year - I'm aiming for one every couple of months, so let me know via Twitter or Facebook if there's anyone you'd especially like to see!

The biggest thing I've been working on is the new series, Tales of the Northern Kingdoms, which follows Prince Michael's adventures after he returns home at the end of the Lizard War in Beyond the Serpent Hills. The first book will be called The Shades, and you can read a little more about it here. I plan to have a chapter sample up next month, which I'll link to once it's online.

As for my Legends of the Lost Tribes series, the fourth and final book Wyld Magic should be out sometime this year. I haven't got any details yet but will post as soon as I get them. If you still haven't read books 1-3, you can get them via Kobo or Amazon, or buy the ebook bundle through my own store.

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