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  • Kitty Lewis

Happy Christmas!

Just a quick update before the Xmas madness really begins...

Things with Beacon are going well, we're mostly waiting on covers now and I should hear more about publishing dates in the new year. My sales contract with Fast Print ends in April, so if you want to order any of my books from them make sure it's done before then! I do still have a few signed copies of both The Colourless and Beyond the Serpent Hills left as well, only £12 (inc. P&P). Contact me directly via the website if you're interested.

I have also started a wiki for the Lost Tribes series, thanks to a brilliant suggestion from the lovely Nancy, who runs the Facebook page. It's still under construction, by which I mean it only has a dozen pages and half of those aren't finished yet, but if you want to check it out click here. Anyone who fancies contributing is more than welcome to do so, or if there's anything in particular you feel is missing let me know and I'll fill in the gaps ;)

This will probably be my last post of the year, so I hope everyone has a great time over the holidays!

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