Chaos Rising

Legends of the Lost Tribes: Short Stories

While young mage Enkarini is learning how to control her abilities in the distant northern continent, the People are dealing with strife and instability back home:

Kandrina and Remlik, after a quiet wedding and several months of recuperation, have set out on another adventure. This time they are heading south, in search of the elusive ice giants. They expect this to be a simple journey of discovery, but nothing is ever that easy...

Braklarn and Dekarem are chasing down the Chaos cult, with some reluctant help from the acolyte Kolena. As the only one of the three who has never succumbed to the cult's 'hive mind' spell, Braklarn finds himself doing most of the hard work, but cult leader Gistran always seems one step ahead of him...

Chief Jindara has a whole heap of trouble on her plate; her own town once again needs rebuilding, the tribal reforms have hit a major snag, and disgruntled former members of the Manak tribe are demanding more each day. On top of all this, her youngest brother arrives at her door late one night with a very strange tale to tell...

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