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Kitty Lewis is an accomplished writer of fantasy adventure novels, especially those in the Legends of the Lost Tribes series. She has been creating stories since she was a child and finally got around to writing some down in 2009. Her work is mostly fantasy novels set in the world of Drenius, though she does dabble in other genres on occasion.

Kitty's books are available in ebook format through her own store, and she has become a popular author among those who appreciate a good fantasy adventure. Visit her store today to find out more about her work and explore her world.

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About The Books

The Legends of the Lost Tribes is a series of four books by author Kitty Lewis. It is set mostly in the southern continent of the world Drenius.

The tale begins in The Colourless, set some 150 years after the tribes united under the rule of the mighty Chief Morendir of the Manak tribe. Over those 150 years, the People of the United Tribes have been confined to their own lands, discouraged from exploring by their temples.

When Kandrina, a young scholar, and her teacher Remlik defy the priests and their teachings, the People's small world is blown wide open by the discoveries they make. Old prejudices are cast aside, and new friendships are formed with once estranged races.

In Beyond the Serpent Hills, the tribes come under attack from predatory creatures known as nayrim, and the stress of the situation exacerbates tensions between Chief Jindar and his children, the Vice-Chiefs of the towns. While the People's lands are in danger, a small group of scholars and mages travel northwards across the range of hills known as the Serpent Hills, searching for a near-mythical race of lizard people called the Li Buqu.

They discover the lizard men are xenophobic and warlike, constantly fighting among themselves for dominance and enslaving all those they see as lesser races; the one species they have not attempted to conquer is the nayrim, with whom they share distant kinship. When the Chief's oldest son loses his temper and attacks a nayrim burrow, the Li Buqu begin a war on the People that they are confident of winning easily.

The adventure continues in Devil's Moon, with the aftermath of the Lizard War leaving the tribes in disarray, and the Chief's mantle in dispute. Amidst the political turmoil, many of the People have become curious about the absent gods, and the ways of the old tribes before the uniting. Several scholars are also researching the old explorers' journals in an attempt to find out what other races, and possible threats, could be waiting outside the tribal lands.

The most intriguing and mysterious area is the Great Forest of the West, which only the bravest men have ventured into, and only one has ever returned from. Very little is known of the Forest, and after studying what few facts they can find, Remlik and Kandrina decide the time is right for another exploration.

The story of Wyld Magic follows Enkarini, younger sister of Kandrina, as she develops her talents both magical and mundane. After gaining a place at the Inner Library, a study hall run by the temple of knowledge, she delves into a forgotten branch known as Wyld Magic to attempt to rescue Kandrina. Along the way, she stumbles into greater mysteries and unlocks hidden secrets within the temple.

Meanwhile, the tribes are struggling to cope with the slow process of reforming the long-standing union, and there are rumours circulating about revived cults that follow long-abandoned gods. The Chief's husband is chasing down every whispered rumour on the streets, but he may already be too late to stop the rise of chaos.

About The Author

Kitty Lewis is a fantasy and supernatural fiction writer from Britain. When she isn’t writing, she is usually busy gaming, drinking weird tea or playing with random cats. Her favourite games are either The Sims or something where she can blast zombies to bits.


She has several short stories online at FictionPress, Inkitt and Spark A Tale, and the first three Legends of the Lost Tribes books are available through all good book retailers.

Visit Kitty's Amazon author page

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