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Productive Lockdown

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Hello again! I hope everyone is safe and well, and keeping social distance wherever possible!

I know it's been over a year since I last posted anything here, but the truth is I haven't had that much to post about. I've mostly just been plodding along with ideas for a few different books, writing a few bits here and there, and plenty of procrastinating with the Sims...

Since the world's been in lockdown for the last couple of weeks though, I've managed to get my writing head on and finish editing The Shades, book 1 of the Northern Kingdoms series. It's more or less ready to go now, once my publishers are back in the office. I've also started work on the second in that series, working title Mages & Rebels, which will probably finish up that particular story arc.

Something else I've had a lot of inspiration for this year is the Dragonmage series, which will be a direct continuation of Enkarini's story after the end of Wyld Magic. There will be several familiar faces in that one, and quite a few new characters too, so that's taking up a lot of my writing time! I also have a few loosely connected short stories in progress, following some of the loose ends back in the tribal lands while Enkarini is having her adventures. Those will probably be released as an ebook collection via my website once they're done, so look out for it later this year.

If you've yet to read the Lost Tribes books, or you're missing one, you can find them on Amazon or Kobo, or for a bundle of all four ebooks you can visit my online store.

That's about all for this update, stay home and stay healthy, we can beat this virus!

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