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Character profile: Kandrina

As I'm a little stuck for news to share, I thought I could do a little character profile on my main protagonist, Kandrina. If this one is popular, I might do a few more with other characters. The picture is a screenshot from The Sims 3, my personal favourite way of visualising and creating my characters.

Kandrina screenshot

When we first meet Kandrina at the beginning of 'The Colourless', she is fourteen and growing ever more frustrated with the unfair world around her. She has a streak of rebellion and independence, and her temper flares whenever she encounters injustice against others. She can be very strong-headed and stubborn at times, which leads her into trouble as often as it leads her out of it!

Kandrina is usually a little reserved around people she has just met, but she is very loyal to those few who have earned her trust. She has a kind heart, and cannot stand to see others suffering. Naturally curious, she finds it hard to resist investigating mysteries both new and old, and she always enjoys discovering new things.

After she comes of age and gains more knowledge of the wider world, her confidence improves and she becomes more certain of herself and her actions. She starts to voice her opinions more freely, around people other than her mentor and close friends. When she knows (or believes) that she is in the right, she refuses to step back and will fight to have her voice heard.


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