Pop Culture Kaboom Interview

Coming Sunday 21st March 2021, Kitty will be interviewed on the Pop Culture Kaboom radio show. The interview will air at 8pm PST/11pm EST/4am GMT, so tune in to KNVC 95.1fm, or listen online at to hear all about the Lost Tribes books and upcoming works.

Legends of the Lost Tribes - full series now available

With the recent release of Wyld Magic, the entire Lost Tribes series is finished and available to buy! I've been busy working on my next series, Northern Kingdoms, and you can find a sample of the first book, The Shades, on my Fictionpress page. I'm also working on some ideas to continue Enkarini's story from the end of Wyld Magic, so make sure you check back for updates later this year! For now, head on over to Amazon and pick up the Lost Tribes series to start the adventure.

Lost Tribes Wiki

The Legends of the Lost Tribes series now has its own wiki! It's still under construction, but feel free to check it out and contribute if you want to. More information will be added as we go, so if there's a page incomplete or missing, don't worry, we will get there eventually!


"Kitty Lewis has hit it out of the park. Devil's Moon is the third book in the Legends of the Lost Tribes Trilogy, and is a great continuing story. Loved it and would recommend to eveyone to read the whole series."

 - Harry Wells, Kobo reader

"Loved Devil's Moon, the third book in the Legends of the Lost Tribes series...Kitty Lewis has written an incredible trilogy and I highly recommend it." - Ron S., Kobo reader

"Fantasy fans will absolutely fall in love with the world the author has built. The detailed and complex mythology the author built translates beautifully onto the page, and the imagery used makes the world the author built come alive in the readers mind. Exploring the theme of fearing the unknown and challenging the world we know, the author beautifully brings a story of family, religion and fantasy to life."

"Overall I loved this story. It’s the perfect sequel to the original book and continues to expand upon a world that is ripe for a full blown series. It captures the fantasy element in a very creative way and explores mythology in a comprehensive way that allows readers to get into it themselves."

"I ... loved the tribal aspect of this otherwise traditional feeling fantasy story. The world was very unique and interesting, with a lot to be learned about the history of the tribes and gods and, of course, the Colourless. I loved the whole concept of the “Lightning Demons” and the way they were revealed to us. They are very original creatures, unlike anything I’ve read about before, and I really enjoyed their story."

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