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Following Enkarini after she leaves Slokos and heads to the Dragon's Valley in Trizes. She learns to control her powers, taught by Maldor, Ustin Fogsbaine and Malise Blackwood. Malise's son Emwyn is also good with shadow magic, and the two students become fast friends. Enkarini teaches others to use & summon raw magic.

Caiara apprentices to Alessa Willow at the school, and discovers her own aptitude for nature magic alongside her Seeing abilities. She assists with research into why the green dragons left, and eventually meets Prince Michael and some elves.

Soris becomes involved with Ember Clarke and her fire demon father, Blaise of the Isati (a name invented by the wise-ass sorcerer who first summoned him). He learns there is a lot more to fire magic than tossing flames around.

- side chars. -

Andar takes up a position at Malise's research facility, looking for new ways to use and improve magic. Twins Jinna and Janna find a foster mother in Olivia Taylor, and develop a love of animals. Former Librarian Arikele spends a lot of time with Cassandra Miller, liaising between the Dragon's Teeth settlement and the people in Slokos.

series of 2-3 books? covers E's story until returning to Slokos ~5 years later

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